Have you ever intimidated someone without realizing it? Each of us has a way that we may put people on edge without even knowing it! This article will explore the different ways that each type has a tendency to intimidate certain people.

This Is Why People Are Intimidated By You, Based On Your Personality Type

Keep scrolling for more information in the article! Not sure what your personality type is? Take our new personality questionnaire! You intimidate people by questioning the traditions and societal norms that so many find comfort in. The fact that you shake up their worldview and question long-standing norms and viewpoints can be terrifying to some people.

Look at this view now! The fact that you can face the void of the unknown and see nothing but possibilities can frighten people. They are afraid of what you might open their mind to and what cherished viewpoints they might leave behind in the process. In a one-on-one situation you listen and observe with intense empathy and awareness. One gets the feeling when they are talking with you that none of their lies or cover-ups will pass beneath the radar. This can make you hard to figure out — and the mystery can scare some people off.

Empathic and insightful, you attempt to put people at ease in your presence.

10 MANIFESTATIONS of the INTJ DARKSIDE - The Architect Personality Type

That said, the same things that comfort some can be nerve-wracking for others. They find themselves intimidated by what you see in them. They know that just being in your presence opens them up to your perceptive insight. You might see something in them — some gift or potential that you try to motivate them towards. You emotionally X-ray people and sometimes this can be a scary experience for those who want to stay hidden.

Confident and visionary, you have no patience for trivial activities or procrastination.Each personality type has something about them which can often intimidate others. Here is what makes you a bit intimidating, according to your personality type.

They have rather complex personalities, which can leave others feeling confused about them and their intentions. While INFJs can seem somewhat aloof, they are also warm and caring towards others- which is also somewhat confusing and hard for strangers to understand.

When people get close to an INFJ they often feel entirely different, and learn that they are sincerely caring and giving.

intj intimidating

ENFJs can be perfectionists, which can be a bit intimidating to others. They seem to be capable of juggling so many things all at once, without falling short.

They want to feel connected to their loved ones and simply work hard to make sure they are taken care of. It can be difficult for people to feel like they are on the same level as their ENFJ though, since they are so capable of driven. INFPs are sensitive and complex people, with an ocean of feelings inside of them. The INFPs ability to connect with their own emotions helps them understand what they truly believe in.

INFPs are moral people, which can actually be a bit intimidating for others. They hold strong to their own internal morals and always strive to do what they believe is right.

Not everyone is so capable of being aware of their own beliefs and morals, which can make others feel a bit insecure around the INFP who is so fully aware of their own feelings and beliefs. ENFPs can be intimidating to others in a myriad of ways, one of which being their imagination. ENFPs also have a way of jumping into something without fear, which can be rather intimidating for their loved ones.

INTJs can definitely be intimidating to others, which is mostly tied to their vast internal knowledge. They can be rather intimidating with their desire to be accurate and to amass a large amount of information.

INTJs intelligence alone can cause others to feel a bit nervous around them. They have a calm confidence that can also be a bit intimidating to others, especially since this confidence does come from how much they know.

ENTJs can be intimidating simply because it is a natural part of their personality to have a commanding presence. They are hardworking and extremely driven people, who always keep moving forward in life.She has enjoyed a successful career as an actress and model for over 50 years. Divorced twice, she raised two sons on her own.

After finding love and staying in a relationship for over 17 years, her partner passed away unexpectedly in She showed tremendous strength admitting her battle with depression. Those who know Ms. Rampling attest to her tremendous strength. From how some of us converse to creating opportunities where others may see impossibility, a common set of attributes can determine the strength of a personality.

They welcome conversations that invite intellectual curiosity, while they find small talk revolting. People with strong personalities generally let people know exactly what they think, including their take on irrelevant questions. If dialogue accomplishes little to nothing, they might tune out completely.

This is particularly true when they are concentrating on some other important task. Needless to say, small talk is a big part of daily life in America. This is part of the reason that those who are repulsed by it can been seen as intimidating. Generally speaking, strong people are well often self educated. They possess a wide breadth of knowledge.

This open-minded attitude often invites curiosity and promotes acceptance. They strive to learn as much as possible, and are willing to maintain an open mind to the differences of others. At the same time, strong people rarely accept ignorant attitudes in others. The strong among us dislike judgmental or artificial comments and behaviors. They acquire knowledge in order to understand people and the world on a deeper level, and are irked by those who do not.

Strong people have a way of making opportunities without needing much assistance from others. This tremendous work ethic can intimidate the less motivated, which can invite hostility. The hostile attitudes of those around them, even more. Strong individuals are willing to recognize and work towards opportunities where others may not.

They make no apologies for this. While their strength of character may invite attention — positive or negative — from the people around them, strong personalities rarely notice. Instead, strong people simply do what needs to be done. These folks are happy and secure without attention. Strong people forge ahead — regardless of the fallout.

When a problem arises, someone with a strong personality will simply focus on fixing it. Why agonize over a problem or situation one cannot control?You are currently viewing our forum as a guest, which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features.

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Just click here to register. You should turn your Ad Blocker off for this site or certain features may not work properly. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact us by clicking here. User Tag List. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. INTJ Intimidation What is it about us that causes people to think that we are stand-offish, aloof, intimidating, etc.?

I use to think that it was my dry humor and sarcasm, but I've had waitresses stop in their tracks on the way to the table and then say something to the extent of, "Why are you looking at me like you hate me," when all I did was glance in their direction.

This hasn't been an issue in awhile really, but I still find it interesting. I represent to you all the sins you never had the courage to commit. Send PM. Originally Posted by Metamorphosis. What is it about us that causes people to think that we are stand-offish, aloof, intimidating, etc.?

It's the dead NT eyes. This is something I've been wondering for a long time. On multiple occasions mostly at my job I'll give someone crossing my path a casual glance, and they'll look at me fearfully and say "sorry!

Also, I've been asked by co-workers why I hate them, when I've barely had any interaction with them. I didn't think I gave off such a mean aura. I do, too, even though I'm nothing but fluffy clouds and playful kittens inside. Take everything I say with a whole snowplow worth of salt and call me in the morning, if you can. Originally Posted by Wolf. It's the blank observing eyes I've had waitresses stop in their tracks on the way to the table and then say something to the extent of, "Why are you looking at me like you hate me," when all I did was glance in their direction.

This has been rather distressing for me in certain moments. I have overcome much adolescent shyness, yet still find myself at a distance from most people as far as "breaking the ice. Thus, I leave it up to everyone else to introduce themselves to me--after which point, in the just-as-rare case that someone says "hello," I am capable of sharing just about anything about myself.

I've never understood why so many people seem to find me to be intimidating. It is certainly no longer the case for some years now that I am actively trying to intimidate people.

Yet, the problem seems to persist. I think Usehername pointed out something rather important, as I suppose I also seem to hide my weaknesses--such that I have gone out of my way to ask some of my friends, in rather weak moments, to point out to me what my weaknesses are, and I have never gained any helpful insight from trying this, so I am now convinced that I must just be really good at hiding my incompetencies.

Yet, I wonder if this is it--so much is said about confidence being an attractive quality. I've given this topic a lot of thought over the years, since long before I came across type-theory.

Replies: Last Post:PM.How to get close to a INTJ…. I like being different and going against the flow.

intj intimidating

It comes down to a few key reasons:. Because we excel at anything and everything we want to learn, some of us are excellent communicators. If you have a romantic relationship with one of us, I wish you more luck. We may not be easy to get to know, but we amazing partners, leaders, thinkers, problem solvers, dreamers and open to change, we love to grow and improve, we are open minded, we always push to be successful, and when we do love you, we love you with all our being.

Have questions? Skip to content. It comes down to a few key reasons: We have a very strong logical streak and that leaves us very little room for emotional interpretation. Non-emotional topics never hurt us, even when we are wrong. If we love you, we will attempt to educate you.

Sounds harsh, but inaccuracies feel like grating nails on a chalkboard to us. We like things to be understood and resolved. Can we talk later? With INTJs your actions mean everything. Not just what you say, but how you say it, what words you choose. And most importantly, how you act and react. Nothing creates a wedge and breaks down any level of a relationship more than reactive or disrespectful actions.

The INTJ is a master of absorption. Getting to know us, really know us, is tough. We are aware how tough it is, and we are open to letting you in provided we trust you.

This goes back to the points above… authentic and accountable communication and actions builds trust. Once we trust you we are open to more intimate conversation. We do not show ourselves via actions, not our true and deep selves. We are masters at blending inor standing out, depending on need. But not all at once, as we need plenty of alone time.

We care if it directly impacts us, or we deeply care about you. Like this: Like LoadingYou want me to go around killing people and wilting flowers with body odor and bad breath?

Or, could it be that you have misread the relationship? Questioning that I, or anyone else, would have a bad day makes absolutely no sense. We INTJs are human. Ergo, we have bad days…even bad years! No one is immune to the stresses and rigors of life.

intj intimidating

In hindsight, and with that description, I can see it a little bit. No one can force you to feel or think anything about yourself — or anyone else for that matter. Self-worth is a power no one should ever relinquish. People who really respect themselves, respect others. On the other hand, those who do feel they are superior to others are simultaneously arrogant and insecure. Arrogant because they feel they have the right to impose their standard of worth and value on others, and because they feel they are entitled to judge others.

Insecure because they often project what they dislike about themselves sometimes subconsciously onto others. A person who has genuinely high self-esteem recognizes they have strengths and weaknesses.

INTJs are a confident bunch.

The Rare INTJ Female: Introvert, Powerful, and Independent

We may speak authoritatively about sugar cane production in post-revolutionary Cuba Yes. One discussion is not superior or inferior to the other. With all of that said, I would like to know what you, the reader, thinks. What were your first impressions of them? As you got to know them better if you did so how has your opinion of them changed? How so, and why? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. You have bad days?!

I will put your responses, if you give me permission to do so, in my blog. Thanks in advance for your input! Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like LoadingEven though first impressions can often be incorrect, they still end up affecting how people view one another. First impressions may not be the best way to figure someone out, but they are certainly important. Here is the most likely first impressions that people will have for each personality type. At first INFJs might appear kind and polite, but they usually will keep most of their personality hidden away.

Even though INFJs are introverted and prefer being alone most of the time- they can be very good at giving a positive first impression. ENFJs often make great first impressions, since they are naturally social creatures. They have a knack for reading the emotions of others, which truly helps them establish a great introduction.

ENFJs often know how to communicate well with people, and are not afraid to let their personality shine through. They are often keeping much of themselves secret, and only share these parts with those closest to them.

Even though they are keeping parts of themselves hidden from people they meet, ENFJs will appear very open and friendly. INFPs are often quiet when first meeting people, which might cause those people to project their own opinions onto them. This can create a rather inaccurate first impression- since people expect far too much from the INFP after meeting them. They will likely keep to themselves, and allow the other person to lead in the conversation. INFPs can be somewhat awkward in new situations, and in some cases their silly side could show a bit.

If this occurs, people might find them a bit odd at first- but it is often in an endearing way. ENFPs often make great first impressions, especially since they are outgoing and fun individuals. They let their bubbly side shine when they encounter new people. ENFPs are usually viewed as warm and likable, especially when they first meet someone.

They often enjoy new opportunities, so they might even like meeting new people and making friends. People will likely view the ENFP as a bit silly, but they are naturally charismatic people. INTJs are often great at figuring out how to appropriately behave in front of new people- it just entirely depends if they feel like doing this. If the INTJ does want to make a positive first impression, they can often force themselves to appear more outgoing and friendly. They will however, find this extremely exhausting and will feel drained afterwards.

If the INTJ does not feel like putting on a show, then they will likely appear aloof to new people. They will seem much more serious than they actually are, and might intimidate some people. Instead of attempting to close off their internal thoughts, the INTJ will likely get lost inside their minds and leave the other person feeling like they INTJ simply is not interested in talking with them. ENTJs often make good first impressions for most people- although they might seem a bit intimidating.

They are great at making people laugh, and are very social individuals. ENTJs will often use their wit and sense of humor to break the ice when they meet new people.

They are driven and hardworking people- but they also know how to have a good time. This helps people perceive the ENTJ as a fun person when they first meet them. They know how to express just the right parts of their personality, in order to make a good first impression. INTPs will likely spend some time quietly observing people before they officially allow themselves to interact with them.

This helps them to gauge how to properly conduct themselves, which can be helpful for them as far as first impressions go. They are excellent observers, and will attempt to figure out how to gain the best response from people.

intj intimidating

The truth is, INTPs may be able to find a way to make people like them- but in most cases they do not desire to execute this. Unless they believe that their efforts will be worth it, the INTP might find themselves keeping quiet through most of the conversation.

If the other person sparks something that interests them though, the INTP will be capable of bringing out a first impression that causes people to notice their intelligence. ENTPs are extremely charismatic, and often witty individuals- and this easily shines through on first impressions.

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