You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. Kazuma Kiryu Slams Table refers to a scene from the action-adventure video game Yakuza Kiwami 2 in which main protagonist Kazuma Kiryu slams a table with his fist and leaves. The scene gained significant popularity as a reaction on Instagram in mid-June following a viral tweet.

On June 13th,Twitter cybershoujo user tweeted "just found out that yakuza arent real", attaching the video as a reaction. Later that day, Twitter user fwiphy reused the clip, captioning it "just found out about sex" shown below. On June 19th,Instagram user asdfcobi posted a meme based on the clip, [4] captioned "Horny Niggas finding out they have to use Pornhub Premium to watch Belle Delphine. In the following days, the clip has been used as a reaction and for edits on Instagram, with notable posts by users joshua.

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yakuza gifs

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.Haruka's outfit of choice most often consists of a red skirt and white hooded sweatshirt or vest with black boots. With each iteration, her colour scheme mostly stays consistent with Kazuma Kiryu'swearing red and white. She wears a pair of laced brown leather boots and a short jean skirt. Haruka also has a variety of Idol costumes that she wears during her performances for both the Princess League and her debut concert, with two different casual event outfits and four different on-stage costumes plus climax heat variants.

She is incredibly self-reliant and mature, seeking out work in order to help support her adoptive family, running errands on her own, cooking meals, and picking up the slack where Kiryu falls short.

Yakuza Kiwami - Saving Dog GIF

She is observant, and quick to pick up on subtleties, and usually able to tell if people are lying, which could be a result of the trauma she has experienced throughout her life.

In spite of this, her optimistic outlook on life is a huge draw for others and gains the admiration of many during her brief stint as an idol. She survived an early attempt on her and Yumi's lives and grew up away from her parents in the safety of Sunflower Orphanage. Haruka is a young girl searching for her mother, Mizuki, whom evidence seems to indicate is Yumi's younger sister.

Haruka is also somehow connected to the money that went missing before Kiryu's release. A combination of these reasons and pure chance leave Haruka in Kiryu's tentative custody.

Before arriving in Kamurocho, she too lived at the Sunflower Orphanage. Kiryu and Haruka get along well and both search for Mizuki and Yumi. She and Kiryu discovered that Yumi is actually Haruka's mother, and that Kyohei Jingu, a politician who wanted the 10 billion yen, was her biological father. At Ares, she found her mother. It was a happy reunion until Jingu's arrival. Jingu was planning to use the 10 billion yen to reach to the top of the nation.

Kiryu defeats Jingu and Nishikiyama arrives, though Kiryu eventually defeats him as well. Jingu suddenly recovered and got up, aiming his gun at Kiryu intending to shoot him - he is interrupted by Yumi, who jumps in front of him and gets shot instead.

Nishikiyama then stabs Jingu, killing him while Yumi herself dies as well. Haruka was then taken in by Kiryu, who thus became her adoptive father. When Terada was killed by the Omi Alliance; Haruka stayed at home. In the end she was saved by Kiryu and thanked Terada who sacrificed himself to save Kiryu. Haruka is 11 going on 12 and is living in Morning Glory Orphanage with the orphans and Kiryu. Being older and a bit more mature, she tends to take on much of the responsibilities as the role of a surrogate mother or older sister.

Following the events of the second game, Haruka accompanied Kiryu to say goodbye to Yuya and Kazuki because they were going to Okinawa to run an orphanage. She turned 11 years old and helped the orphans with Kiryu. In order to figure out who was the perpetrator, Kiryu went away from the orphanage for a while, during which the orphanage was attacked by Yoshitaka Mine and the Tamashiro Family of Tojo Clan, where Haruka managed to defend the orphans.

After surviving the demolition of the orphanage, Haruka decided to join Kiryu and returned to Kamurocho. She is seen with Kiryu at the end of the game, accompanying Saejima for the inauguration ceremony of the Saejima Family. At the beginning of the game, continuing the events of the fifth installation, Haruka revealed in a concert that she's going to quit the idol business, revealing Kiryu as her father figure in the process.The latest numbered entry in the Yakuza series for PlayStation 4, this is the story of new protagonist Ichiban Kasuga.

In the new setting of Isezaki Ijincho in Yokohama, the story of the hot-blooded thugs stirred up by Ichiban Kasuga will begin. Protagonist Ichiban Kasuga makes his way up from the depths of despair. The future is in your hands! January 1, The yakuza Ichiban Kasuga, who belongs to third generation family of the Tojo Clan—the Arakawa Family—was asked to take the fall for the crimes of wakagashira Jo Sawashiro by his boss Masumi Arakawa, which he agreed to do.

For the family that he loves, for the respect of his boss… Kasuga served 18 years in a strict penitentiary, and inwas finally released. With no one to welcome him, Kasuga returned to his hometown of Kamurocho. But the Kamurocho was not the Kamurocho that Kasuga once knew. The police and the Omi Alliance of Kansai yakuza had completely taken over.

And the one who created this new Kamurocho was none other than Masumi Arakawa. After getting past obstacles like Omi Alliance members and his former superior Sawashiro, Kasuga manages to make his way to Masumi Arakawa. While wandering the depths of life or death, Kasuga somehow regained consciousness. But when he came to, he was at a dumpsite in homeless town lined with cardboard houses.

It has evolved into a system in which anyone can easily enjoy exhilarating battles. In this completely new battle system, Ichiban Kasuga and his party will fight by selecting techniques with various effects such as attack, recovery, support, and more.

Enjoy immersive and dynamic battles against all sorts of enemies. Yakuza 7 is set in the huge new area of Isezaki Ijincho in Yokohama, which is more than three times the size of Kamurocho in Tokyo. In Yokohama, where every place has different faces, a grand story will unfold.

Although he grew up without knowing his true parents, he was charmed by the manly spirit of Masumi Arakawa, who he met at age 15, and joined the Arakawa Family. Since then, he has lived with resolute loyalty to Arakawa, but since he is not good when it comes to earning money, he is shunned by the wakagashira Jo Sawashiro, who stresses the importance of money.

He takes the fall for Sawashiro, who committed murder, at the request of Arakawa Family leader Masumi Arakawa, who is like a father to him.

After that, he spends 18 years in penal servitude. After he is released, the Tojo Clan has fallen, and the Kansai yakuza known as the Omi Alliance has taken control over Kamurocho. Finding out that Masumi Arakawa was behind it all, Kasuga goes to see Arakawa to asertain the truth at its source.

A wakagashira with a sense of duty and humanity towards his boss Arakawa, who stresses the importance of money. He would beat Ichiban Kasuga down with his fists as a daily occurrence, as he was unable to earn money. A martial artist yakuza who serves Masumi Arakawa from the era of the Tojo Clan. He hated Ichiban Kasuga back in the day, and after 18 years, that hatred has not changed.

Since Arakawa became an substitute wakagashira of the Omi Alliance, he has the same authority as an Omi Alliance executive directly reporting to the boss. A man who was stripped away of his nursing license after challening the medicine from the hospital he worked for to the black market, and now lives in the depths of poverty in Isezaki Ijincho.Menu Menu.

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yakuza gifs

Prev 1 2 3 4 Next. First Prev 3 of 4 Go to page. Jo-awn Member. Oct 25, 1, New York, NY. Sega knows that by localizing the karaoke songs, it's going to spawn more memes which will translate into more sales. The dub is going to be hammy AF. I still don't like Greg Chun as Namba but that's a minor nitpick. I'm not getting a next gen console any time soon so day one on the PS4 version. And sub as nature intended. This is also a good reminder to let peeps know that the Yakuza community thread exists.

There's a handful of members that are active and post all kinds of useful tips, impressions and what have you.

yakuza gifs

Richter Member. Oct 27, 23, Patitoloco said:. I honestly thought Yakuza 5 would be it. The last one I wanted to play. I was hating it for months, and it never ends lol Thank god for Yakuza 6, which focuses a lot and at least tries to tell a story, not a fucking thousand that end up together in the dumbest way. I definitely don't trust anyone that says Yakuza 5 is the best in the series after 0, which is sadly a super common opinion online.

Patitoloco Member. Oct 27, 8,What could happen if Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Greece united together and left the EU. What do Turks think of France, Italy and Spain. What would happen if Portugal, Spain, France and Italy became a single country. Are Argentina and Uruguay more similar to Spain or Italy. Are the modern people of Portugal, Italy, Spain, and France descendants of ancient Romans. Can France annex Spain. Still have a question. AskRelated QuestionsWhy can't cricket prevail over football in European countries like Spain, Italy, Germany, France etc.

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yakuza gifs

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Yakuza 0 - Karaoke - 24-Hour Cinderella Perfect Score

If it is unset, it will be chosen automatically based on the number documents (i. The minimum value is 2 and maximum value is 64.

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